Power generation.

You may be lucky to go on an excursion to Morwell and observe the generation of electricity first hand. Complete the following assignment.

1) The giant chimneys seen next to the Power Station are not pumping out smoke. Water vapour can be seen rising from the chimneys. How is water used in the generation of electricity?


2) Gippsland is built on a layer of coal. Brown coal can be found just a few metres below the ground.

a) How is coal used to generate electricity? Outline the steps in picture form.

b) How is brown coal different to black coal?

c) What created the vast reserves of brown coal in the
La Trobe valley?

d) How must the brown coal be prepared prior to burning?


3) Why is the coal constantly sprayed with water?


4) Huge machines called dredgers operate in the coal mine 24 hours a day 7 days a week. How many tons of coal can a modern day dredger scoop out of the ground in 1 hour?


5) All the electrical energy produced at Gippsland originated from the sun. Explain how, using the following words.
Photosynthesis, chemical energy, heat energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy, coal, turbines, generators, boilers.
a) How does the generator produce electrical energy?
b) Can electricity be stored?
a) Are the high voltage power lines low or high resistance?
b) At what voltage is electricity pushed through these lines?
c) Why is such a high voltage necessary?
d) Can we use the electricity at such high voltages?

8) Electricity is transmitted to Melbourne at very high voltages. The electricity with such a high voltage can not be used for home use.

a) Explain the function of a transformer.
b) What is the difference between a step-up and a step-down transformer?
c) Where might a step-down transformer be used?
d) Where might a step-up transformer be used?

9) Explain the use of a fuse box?

10) Explain the difference between coal fired and hydro-electric power stations.
Use the words, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy, evaporation, water vapour, condensation, generators, electrical energy, turbines.

a) What is the difference between black coal and brown coal?
b) Some countries in Europe use black coal high in sulfur content. Why are environmentalists angry over the use of coal with a high sulfur content?
c) What is acid rain?
d) How does power generation contribute to the formation of acid rain?
e) What is the Greenhouse Effect?
f) How does power generation contribute to the Greenhouse Effect?

12) The rate at which electrical energy is converted into other forms of energy such as, heat, light or mechanical energies is called the electric power.

You may find some electrical items, such as light globes, are rated in Watts.
a) What is a Watt? What is the difference between a 60W and 100W light globe.
b) Explain how electrical energy is sold to consumers.

The elastic band provides the tension to automatically close the gate. Metal contacts that complete the circuit and cause the light to glow when the gate is shut The light indicating if the gate is open or closed An electromagnet that activates the lock The bolt that is lifted through a scre eye by the electromagnet The gate