Acid Rain

Acid rain is the term used when acids, dissolved in water, fall out of the sky. Acid rain is caused by pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. It does not pose a direct risk to human health, although reports of damage to the respiratory system is common. Swimming in acid rain is no more dangerous than swimming in normal pool water. Drinking a glass of acid rain should taste no different than a glass of pure water.
So why the big fuss about acid rain?

Acid rain has a devastating effect on our environment especially on plant life. Huge areas of forest have been wiped out due to acid rain. Acidic rain tends to remove essential nutrients from the soil starving plants of essential nutrients. Many toxins such as aluminuim are trapped in the soil in the form of safe, stable compounds. Acid rain is involved in chemical reactions that release toxins, such as aluminium, from their stable form. Once released, these toxins are absorbed by the root system of a plant causing death.