Gases their uses and properties

Below is a list of gases.
Ethene, Butane, Carbon dioxide, Helium, Oxygen, Neon, Methane, Butane

Which one of the gases listed above is related to the ripening of bananas.


Which gas is most likely to be used as a fire extinguisher?
Click to see a 120kb movie of the carbon dioxide being used as a fire retardent.

Acetylene(C2H2) is a gas used to weld metal together. It is mixed with oxygen to produce a very hot flame.
What property of oxygen makes it a useful gas to mix with acetylene?
Click to see a 120kb movie of the acetylene flame as the mixture of oxygen and acetylene is modified.
Helium is used to inflate balloons. Give two properties of helium gas that makes it useful for inflating party balloons.
Which one of the gases listed above is produced in the digestive tract of ruminants such as the cow pictured on the right? Click to see an activity demonstrating the properties of methane.
Refrigerators work by compression and expansion of gases. Pictured on the right are the tubes through which the gas travels exchanging heat with the surrounding air. Explain what happens when a gas is compressed into a liquid and then allowed to suddenly expand into its gas phase.
Which gas, from the list above, is used to make bright displays?
Explain how this gas produces a range of colours when an electric charge is applied to it?
Why is hydrogen gas not used for this purpose?
Butane is used in cigarette lighters and as the popellant in aerosol cans. Although less damaging to the ozone layer aerosol cans may be hazardous around the home . Why?
Carbon dioxide