A scorpion or a harmless stick  insect.


Leaf or insect


Masters of Deception 2

Stick insects

Stick insects are one of Nature’s many wonders. Creatures that look more like sticks and leaves than insects. These harmless creatures rely on deception to survive their many predators. Stick insects have developed many clever ways to look and act like the branches and leaves on which they live.

We will see their many tricks

Cold blooded
Convergent evolution
Displaying insects
Ecosystem (activity)
Flash colouration
Food chains
Looking after your insects
Solar energy
Stick insect physiology
worksheet 1 Creative writing
worksheet 2 Camouflage
worksheet 3 behaviour
worksheet 4 adaptation-egg
worksheet 5 adaptation parthenogenesis
worksheet 6 energy in a food web
worksheet 7 behaviour-swaying in the wind
worksheet 8 behaviour - falling insect
worksheet 9 cold blooded skin
worksheet 10 flash colouration
worksheet 11 I am an entemologist
worksheet 14 experimental technique
worksheet 15 rate of growth
worksheet 16 mass of food eaten
worksheet 17 effect of light on rate of growth
worksheet 18 colour-in your insect
worksheet 19 displaying your insects