Making a density toy  

Oil and water have very different properties. They do not mix and their densities are different. Oil is less dense than water and will float on the surface of water. These properties make for very interesting experiments.

What you will need.

- Glycerol

- 2 specimen jars and 2 eye dropper tops.

- olive oil or rubbing oil (Baby oil)

- food dye.

- hot plate


View the video on the right on how to construct the density toy

Research the following words
- surface energy
- surface tension
- immiscible liquids.
- surfactant
- density
- buoyancy
- upthrust

1) Do oil and water have the same surface tension? Explain.

2) Why are the bubbles of water floating in the oil smaller than the bubbles of oil floating in the water?
3)Why do the bubbles of water last a longer time than the bubbles of oil?
4) Explain how we can make oil and water mix together?
5) Explain how soap works?
6) Using the words you have researched above explain how the Plastic Toy works