Rapid oxidation of sugar.
Sugar is an organic substance composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It burns slowly in the presence of oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water. The reaction can be accelerated by the addition of an oxidant, such as potassium nitrate. Potassium nitrate releases oxygen when heated.
A very powerful rocket fuel can be prepared by mixing an organic fuel, such as sugar, with an oxidant.

A great deal of heat is produced. The heat released causes the gaseous products to expand quickly.

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- 2,10 metre wires attached to alligator clips.
- small crucible
-10 grams of sugar
-5 grams of KNO3
-6 volt heavy duty battery
-igniter (as purchased with the rocket kits)
Mix the quantities of potassium nitrate and sugar in the crucible. Attach the igniter to the alligator clips and place it under the mixture, as shown above.
With students well back from the crucible, at least 20 metres, retreat to the battery, placed 10 m away and ignite the mixture by connecting the wires to the battery.

Safety equipment - lab coat and goggles. This demonstration must be performed outdoors.

Experiment with different proportions to find the ratio of sugar to oxidant that gives the most rapid oxidation.
Warning, never try anything new in front of students without prior testing and adequate precautions.