The diagram on the right represents a nucleotide with subunits X,Y and Z.

This nucleotide could be a monomer of DNA but not RNA if:

Which comment is true for this structure?

Which comment below is true?

What is the reason why structure B is not found in DNA.

Which comment is true?


Uracil is one of the bases found in a nucleotide polymer. Which comment is true?

The structure shown on the right was isolated from an organic molecule. Which comment below is true?


Consider the two double stranded DNA fragments on the right. C is for cytosine, G is for guanine, T is for thymine and A is for adenine. When heated, the strands begin to separate. Which comment below is true?

How many water molecules are required to hydrolyse fragment X into its constituent nucleotides?


Consider the two DNA fragments above. Which comment is true?